Our primary health care clinic at Oliver's Village

Primary Health Care Clinic


Primary Health Care Clinic

Our Primary Health Care Clinic goes a long way towards achieving our target of developing a “self-sustaining community” at Oliver’s Village. Our primary health care clinic is a community-based clinic created to improve access to general health care by individuals and families from the local community. The catchment area of the clinic is the local community surrounding Oliver’s Village. The community of this area is underserved in dire need of a general health care facility. The construction of the primary health care clinic clinic was completed in the second half of 2011 and is currently undergoing renovations to meet the health standards of the Ekurhuleni Department of Health. We expect our primary health care clinic to be operational by January 2016.

Water supply is by means of borehole water, electricity is supplied by means of solar power, and we use a dry sanitation system to remove grey and black water – again fulfilling our objective of developing a renewable energy, environmentally friendly village.

We are presently in talks with the Ekurhuleni Department of Health, who are very keen to use our clinic as a satellite health care facility.

Running the Clinic

It is our commitment to ensure that the running of our primary health care clinic is properly managed. This will include:

  • Employing a clinic manager who has completed a recognised primary health care course;
  • Proper referrals and feedback;
  • To have a proper link with the community and health orientated NPO organisations;
  • Easy access for older persons and people with disabilities;
  • A housekeeping system to ensure the safe removal of waste;
  • A constant supply of electricity, water and a proper sanitation system;
  • Patient education and record keeping;
  • Proper medical equipment such as scales, blood pressure machines, pregnancy test, an emergency transport system etc.

Primary Health Care Gallery

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