Oliver's House: Community Projects include education and childcare.

Community Projects


We currently manage four community projects focusing on childcare, education and community development. As a result of managing these diverse community projects we have gained essential experience in the various aspects of the needs and wants of those we serve. At the moment the projects we manage can be seen as separate entities of Oliver’s House. Each community project has its own cost centre with its own funding and management strategies. Collectively, at any given time, we cater to the needs of more than 400 beneficiaries of all age groups. Although we include Oliver’s Village as one of the community projects in reality it is a project still under development. The ultimate purpose of Oliver’s Village is to create a self sustaining village incorporating all the projects we manage, and more. Once the development of Oliver’s Village is complete all the community projects will be subsumed by it. Oliver’s Village will be a single social service entity delivering much needed services to our beneficiaries more efficiently.

Educational Learning Center
Computer Training Center
Oliver's Village Early Childhood Development Center
Oliver's Village
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