Oliver's Village early childhood development centre

Early Childhood Development


Oliver’s Village Early Childhood Development Centre

Oliver’s Village Early Childhood Development Centre forms an integral part of Oliver’s Village. In October 2014 the children moved from Nomthandazo Children’s Care Centre to their new home at Oliver’s Village.

What we do at Oliver’s Village Early Childhood development Centre

The children are divided into age groups and each age group follows a set curriculum. The children come from a multi-cultural community and the curriculum is taught in Zulu, Xhosa and English. A child that attends our early childhood development centre from age 0 and stayed until age 5 would have received the same basic pre-school education that any well-funded pre-school facility taught their children. The caregivers are sent on regular training courses in classroom management and early childhood development. The curriculum includes:

  • Early childhood numeracy – teaching the ability to understand and reason with numbers;
  • Listening and sequencing (including the alphabet) – the teaching of the recognition of common sounds, repetitive sequencing of sounds and directions on listening;
  • Fine motor skills – this involves colouring, cutting out shapes and playing with putty;
  • Etiquette – teaching basic social development skills including toilet needs, hygiene, emotional control of being away from their parents or primary care-giver, and self-esteem;
  • Position, direction and size – teaching the basic directions like up, down etc.


The children don’t often get the opportunity to leave their dismal surrounds. Throughout the year Oliver’s House organises special events for the children so that they can have a day of fun and laughter. Over the years we hold four traditional events: Easter Fun Day, Bambani Day, Graduation Day and Christmas Party. These events have also proved to be popular with many of the supporters and sponsors of Oliver’s House.

Funding our Early Childhood Development Centre

Oliver’s House finances the entire operational infrastructure of NCCC. All finances spent on NCCC can only be spent as a result of the generous support of the many sponsors and “partners” who have taken Oliver’s House under their wings. We exist and do the work we do because of our partners.


Easter Fun Day
Play Time
Motor Skills development
Graduation Ceremony
Christmas Party
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