The Easter Feaster event is a hit with our children.

Easter Feaster and Other Events

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We have 210 children in our care and they all come from the Zenzele Informal Settlement and Minanawe community in Daveyton. Our children’s care centre – Nomthandazo Children’s Care Centre (NCCC) – is situated in the heart of the Zenzele Informal Settlement.

Needless to say Zenzele is a drab impoverished community. Whichever direction you gaze you see countless corrugated zinc shacks. Some are constructed in neat orderly rows while others are scattered randomly with no roads leading to them. The corrugated zincs are rusty and all the shacks roofs are held down with stacks of bricks and piles of old car tires.

Many of the children who live in this community only get to see the world outside of this environment when they first go to school. One of our aims at Oliver’s house is to create events throughout the year for our children so that they can at least experience the world beyond their borders. We try to pack as much fun and activities into these events so that the children, for one day at least, can forget their dismal surrounds.

We have four traditional events each year:

  • Easter Feaster Party;
  • Bambanani (Togetherness) Day;
  • Graduation Ceremony;
  • End of Year Party.

Organising each of these events is costly and trying to raise the funds to pay for these events can sometimes proof to be very difficult. We are very fortunate in that we have a great many loyal supporters who contribute to these events: some in small amounts and others more handsomely. Truth be told we are faced with the question “Can’t you rather spend that money on something that will better the lives of the children?”

The honest answer is we can. But when you spend as much time with these children as we do, knowing that you are responsible for their well-being and education, you come to realise that these events are as important to their education as their classroom lessons are. When many of us take our children to a park or to an event much of what we see and experience we take for granted. To the children of NCCC what they see and experience is an invaluable education. So we think organising these annual events is a healthy experience for our kids.

On the 26th April, 2014, we held our annual Easter Feaster Party at the Bokkie Park in Boksburg. We honestly wish that you were there to experience the joy we did. Witnessing the joy and happiness of the children was an event in itself. Think of the four or five year old kid, who has never seen a pony before, now riding one. Of course they are scared and nervous but once they climb from the pony their smile is as big as ever and they want to go for another ride.

This year’s Easter Party was made possible by the kind contributions of many of our supporters. A special thanks goes to:

Easter Feaster

Thank You To









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